Using Secure Wireless – eduroam

eduroam is a useful service and any member of a participating organisation who has a network logon account can use it. But if you are an eduroam user planning to visit another eduroam participant site, it does require a prepartion before arriving at the site at which you want to use the service.


> Before traveling to another institution, check whether the institution you are visiting participates in eduroam;

> Before using eduroam at other participating institutions, you should first test eduroam at your home campus and be sure that it works.Remember that your username will be in the “user@domain” format;

> Institutions hosting eduroam are not required to provide support to visiting users. Configure your computer or your  mobile device(s) to use eduroam and contact your home institution if you need assistance for detailed setup instructions;

> There is no guarantee that "eduroam" will provide you the same access to resources as your home standard wireless networks;

> Visiting users must respect the policies of using the network at the participating institutions.